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Our specialty is the "interview in a box": a beautiful, engaging online app that walks your clients through tricky legal problems.

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Automate your legal work and turn repetitive forms into one-click processes. We'll turn your case management system into a powerful template builder, saving hours for each client interaction.

The Lemma Legal Story

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love legal tech

When I started as a housing litigator in legal aid, I thought my decades as a computer programmer were over. But I realized that our clients need service at scale. One lawyer per client doesn’t work for a wide range of people, from people in poverty to middle-income clients who prefer the transparency of fixed pricing to the mysterious billable hour.

I’ve spent the last several years building apps for my co-workers and for people without lawyers around the country, building an expertise in creating easy to use experiences that mimic what the best lawyer can do in a face to face interview. My favorite platform to work with is Docassemble, which delivers rapid development and total flexibility, in a free and open source package. Now I want to deliver my expertise to you.

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Quinten Steenhuis

Quinten Steenhuis

Trained in both computer science and law, Quinten is an attorney and experienced software developer who will bring both skills to bear to optimize your legal work. Quinten is a nationally known expert in and contributor to the open source platform Docassemble. Quinten is the author of the eviction defense tool, MADE. He is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Jason Morris

Jason Morris

An ABA Innovation Fellow and currently completing an LLM in computational law at University of Alberta, Jason Morris is the author of both the Case Based Legal Reasoning and Clio integrations for Docassemble. Jason is based in Sherwood Park, Alberta.


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