Lemma Legal is pleased to welcome Mia Bonardi, Suffolk Law graduate and licensed attorney, as its full-time Director of Operations.

This hire marks Lemma Legal’s growth at providing expert document automation services around the world. Lemma Legal is a specialist in building legal applications on the Docassemble platform. Lemma Legal provides guided interview development, usability testing and audits, plain language editing, and custom API integrations, as well as helps customers host and maintain Docassemble servers.

Lemma Legal’s team has built tools that include https://gbls.org/MADE and https://getuptocode.org to help close the access to justice gap in Massachusetts, as well as legal automations for an international roster of law firms.

Mia joins the Lemma Legal team full-time after serving as one of its first and most experienced contractors. Mia was an early volunteer with the Suffolk University Law School Assembly Line Project and fell in love with legal tech. She worked both developing guided interviews and providing training in Docassemble for Lemma Legal clients around the world while in law school, and is excited to join Lemma Legal as its first full-time hire.

While serving as Director of Operations, Mia will continue to use her excellent project management and application development skills on projects with Lemma Legal’s clients.

“Mia was one of the brightest students I had the pleasure to work with. She is a natural at developing guided interviews. She has a keen attention to detail and quickly picks up new areas of law and can accurately and completely turn the elements of a legal rule into straightforward and easy to use automations. I am so excited to have Mia join the team and to enter this new stage of growth for Lemma Legal.” — Lemma Legal Founder, Quinten Steenhuis

In addition to her interest in document automation, Mia is a published author. Her articles touch on various topics, including: international legal theory, human rights, international humanitarian law, international affairs, international criminal jurisdiction, and space law. Mia’s publications are available here.

If you would like to hire Lemma Legal to solve your own document automation needs, contact info@lemmalegal.com or book an appointment with us on Calendly.

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