What Our Services Cost

We understand that customers like to know how much things cost. Our basic rate is $150/hour, with discounts for non-profit and access to justice related work.   While Docassemble is free, we find that developing forms for Docassemble takes a similar amount of time as developing forms for HotDocs. The difference? No per-user license fees. Flexible hosting. Infinite customizability and an end product that is attractive and modern.

What kind of projects does Lemma Legal handle?

The most common projects brought to us are interactive wizards or legal apps. Interactive legal apps walk your customer or client through the process of entering data, step-by-step, with guidance and validation on the way, saving you time and letting your customers enter data when it’s most convenient for them. Often the information is used to create a document, provide the user with advice, or save information directly into a database or case management system. An example of this kind of app familiar to US customers is TurboTax. Our strength is user centered design to create beautiful and highly usable interactive apps. Founder Quinten Steenhuis is the author of MADE, and wrote about the user-centered development process.
We also help customers setup template libraries. Template libraries are an advanced version of the templates that come with Microsoft Word. Our clients make templates that represent all of the common documents used in the lifecycle of a case or customer, such as basic contact letters, court pleadings, and motions. The strength of these libraries is the ability to connect to multiple data sources to avoid duplicate data entry. Docassemble can be the glue between your case management system and a powerful library of interactive forms. These libraries are popular with people frustrated with the limits of a template system that comes with their case management system or Microsoft Word.

Finally, we help customers with custom API integrations. For example, using location data to find the nearest courthouse, government office, or setting up an appointment in Office 365.

Common Project Pricing

 Template LibrariesInteractive legal apps / wizards
Typical final number of project hours10-20 forms, 30-50 hours1-2 forms, 30-200 hours
Final end productA library of simple related forms, such as client letters, pleading papers, draft motions, with information drawn from a database or case management systemA wizard-like interview that walks an unsophisticated end user through entering the right information into a computerized form, PDF, Word Document, or database. Will include helpful guidance and data validation.
Who is the user?A paralegal or attorney in your firm, who has received training on using the system.A customer who expects a modern, user-friendly interface.
Setup time10-20 hours (less for a case management system we have integrated in the past)5-20 hours
Discovery~ 3 hours3-10 hours
Time to automate and test first form 3-5 hours (for typical document of 5-10 fields)20-50 hours (depends on number and complexity of fields)
Time to automate each additional form1-5 hours (for typical document of 5-10 fields)Depends on how much content is shared
Iteration, feedback, and user testingLikely not needed after first form20%-50% of overall time
Typical project timeline1-3 months4-9 months

Custom Development

By definition, each custom coding project is something we haven’t tackled before. These typically range from 5-40 hours. Adding a new API for a project we’ve already partially integrated with Docassemble (such as Legal Server, Microsoft Graph, Google Apps, Clio, or Stripe) would be on the lower side. Adding a new API integration for a project we’ve never worked with before may take longer.


A popular hosting option is AWS Lightsail. The 4 GB server is enough to run Docassemble comfortably, and costs approximately $20/month without maintenance or support.

Hosting is not our core business, but we are happy to help you with a place to put your interviews.  Contact us for pricing. We are also happy to set up Docassemble for you on a server of your choice for a fixed one-time fee of $150 with per-incident support billed hourly.