What Our Services Cost

We understand that customers like to know how much things cost. Our basic rate is $150/hour, with discounts for non-profit and access to justice related work.   While Docassemble is free, we find that developing forms for Docassemble takes a similar amount of time as developing forms for HotDocs. The difference? No per-user license fees. Flexible hosting. Infinite customizability and an end product that is attractive and modern.

Let’s Talk

Why do so many vendors hide their pricing? They want a chance to explain it and give it context. They also don’t want to give away competitive information. We’re confident that our Docassemble expertise can’t be beat. We also think our prices are a good value for what we deliver. We work quickly and efficiently, and our prices reflect our deep experience in the work. If you are automating your work, hiring us will pay off quickly. Want to know more? Drop us a line: quinten at lemmalegal.com or jason at lemmalegal.com, or use our contact form.

Basic Form Automation

If your project is a no-frills document library aimed at internal users (attorneys and paralegals), expect that it will take about as much time to do the initial automation as it takes your users to fill out the forms manually or with search and replace, plus 1-2 hours for each type of form for discovery and to design questions or connect to existing data. The bigger the library and the more repeated fields, the less time for each additional form.

Automating form libraries, especially for forms you use weekly or daily, will save you money quickly, especially if we connect them to a case management system or data source like Google Apps or Office 365. You know how complex your forms are, but we find that these can be done as quickly as 1-5 hours for a typical document that is a few pages long with about 10 fields. Once you set up the library, we can train your staff to add additional simple forms that use the same shared fields. 

Interactive Legal Apps / Wizards

Each interactive legal app aimed at the general public takes significant skill and time to design and develop. We are proud of our nationally recognized work on access to justice solutions built with Docassemble. 

Our time will include:

  • Meeting with stakeholders
  • Developing prototypes
  • Refining back-end data structures
  • User testing
  • Implementing feedback
  • Incorporating plain language and accessibility enhancements
  • Frequently, adding one or more custom APIs to reduce user friction. For example, office locators, maps, or web scrapers to automatically input data for the user.
  • Providing training

A project involving several related forms is usually in the 30-200 hour range. Some projects require and deserve more time, and some need less. Most projects benefit from budgeting and planning for regular maintenance. Once we meet and can review your project files, we can give you a detailed estimate.

MADE screenshot
Lemma Legal founder Quinten Steenhuis is the author of MADE, an interactive legal application that helps tenants. Click to read the development story for MADE to understand the care and attention we put into this work, and why it’s worth the cost.

Custom Development

By definition, each custom coding project is something we haven’t tackled before. These typically range from 5-40 hours. Adding a new API for a project we’ve already partially integrated with Docassemble (such as Microsoft Graph, Google Apps, Clio, or Stripe) would be on the lower side. Adding a new API integration for a project we’ve never worked with before may take longer.


Hosting is not our core business, but we are happy to help you with a place to put your interviews. We are also happy to set up Docassemble for you on a server of your choice for a fixed one-time fee of $300.