Our services

We build a variety of customized processes that can include client intakes, guided interviews, internal automations, custom integrations, white-label template libraries, and more. 

The first step to automating your law practice is creating an effective online intake. We build intakes that connect to you by email or directly integrate with a case management system. We build workflows that let you re-use the intake information in your internal automations.

We are experts at creating highly usable, interactive and efficient apps that help your clients or self-represented litigants easily complete legal forms or processes. Our tools have been used thousands of times a year and recognized by the White House and the Department of Justice for helping close the access to justice gap. Our tools for law firms make it easy for clients to complete workflows on their own, allowing law firms to scale and letting attorneys focus on high value work.
Guided interviews can send information to a database, assemble a Word document, or automate a PDF court form.

We apply best practices in plain language and interview design and use focus groups and usability tests to provide an experience that your clients will love. Our interviews are fully accessible and WCAG AA compliant and can be easily translated into multiple languages.
Internal automations are a simpler form of guided interviews. These are tools that your staff will use again and again, which can reduce the effort it takes to provide a highly usable experience. We focus on the features that let your staff populate documents quickly and accurately as well as avoid wasted effort. Popular internal automations include:
  • Client letters
  • Agreements with digital signatures
  • Estate plans and trusts
Internal automations can integrate digital signatures and may pull information from a case management system or an intake form.

Docassemble can help connect your separate systems. With Docassemble, you aren’t limited to the integrations that have already been created. Integrations can include:

  • Case management systems like Clio, Practice Panther or Legal Server
  • Digital signature tools like Docusign
  • Payment systems like Stripe and Lawpay
  • Document storage platforms like Box.com, OneDrive, Google Drive or Document Management Systems like Worldox and iManage

Do you have an expertise in drafting documents? Docassemble makes it easy for you to sell your hard work for a profit. Build passive income by selling access to your document library. We’ll help you build easy to use workflows for your documents. You can sell access by the template or with a subscription. Docassemble has no license fee and you own what you build forever.