Lemma Legal is thrilled to announce Rami Lorca as our new Full Stack Developer. 

The addition of Rami Lorca as Lemma Legal’s second full-time employee will expand Lemma Legal’s ability to help clients with their document automation needs and strengthen our ability to help with design, web development, and user experience. 

Rami’s technical skill set encompasses Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, React.js, and more. Rami’s background in UX/UI design and his education in software development from Tech Elevator further complement his expertise. 

Rami formerly represented low-income clients at Greater Boston Legal Services. This background provides a deep understanding of the legal challenges and needs individuals and nonprofits face. At Lemma Legal, Rami’s legal background, combined with his technical expertise, will help him develop applications that address the justice gap and support self-represented people accessing the court. His insights from legal practice will inform the user experience and functionality of our applications, ensuring they are tailored to users’ real-world needs in various legal contexts.

Rami’s legal experience and software development skills make him a valuable addition to our team. We’re excited to see how his contributions will propel our technology and services forward. 

Lemma Legal builds practical and easy to use tools to solve problems for both self-represented litigants and law firms, like MADE, UpToCode, and MOTenantHelp. Grounded on our extensive experience and user research, we help clients build legal products to sell, like GetJustice and ScholarShield. The Lemma Legal team has a unique blend of legal and technical expertise which has helped it attract a large customer base around the world, especially in the free and open source Docassemble platform.

To hire Lemma Legal to solve your document automation needs, contact info@lemmalegal.com or book an appointment on Calendly.